Brazil: even the name is exciting. Brazil encompasses an area larger than Australia, covers nearly two fifths of the entire South American continent and is made up of dense rain forests, modern cities, primitive jungle communities and sophisticated resorts. This is truly a nation of contrasts and even the most seasoned traveller may have difficulty deciding where to start, as it offers a diversity of peoples and cultures which blend to form a unique and exciting vacation destination. 

Brazil's most popular city for visitors is Rio de Janeiro, "the marvellous city", a must to visit. Besides Rio, Brazil is a land of topographical superlatives, from the world's largest tropical rain forest (the Amazon), the widest waterfall, the vast Savannah grasslands where some of the world's largest cattle breeding ranches exist to over 8000kms of coastline abutting in the Atlantic Ocean with beaches, beaches and more beaches with the happy, easy going Brazilians enjoying them to the fullest.  

Brazil's cities each have a fascinating distinct personality, from the old world splendour of historic cities such as Ouro Preto, to the futuristic capital of Brasilia, from the exotic Amazonian cities of Belem and Manaus to the breathtaking crown jewel of the international jet set, Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is excitement! 










Rio is the most beautiful city in the world, where life is colourful, exciting and moves with a frantic beat.  

3 days / 2 nights 

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel.  

Day 2: Rio de Janeiro

This morning's tour will take you up Corcovado Mountain to the imposing statue of Christ the Redeemer which overlooks Guanabara Bay. The mountain is reached by a spectacular funicular railway. Rejoining your coach, you pass through the Botanical Gardens and beaches of Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema, prior to returning to your hotel. Afternoon free. (B)  

Day 3: Rio de Janeiro

Transfer for onward travel. (B)  



The fishing village of Buzios has been transformed over the years into a beautiful seaside resort situated some four hours north of Rio. It is here you will find many small pousadas (farms) to stay at.  

4 days / 3 nights  

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro - Buzios

Today you will be transferred by car to Buzios and your hotel.  

Day 2 and 3: Buzios

At leisure to explore this quaint village or simply enjoy the sun. (B)  

Day 4: Buzios-Rio de Janeiro

Time at leisure prior to your return to Rio de Janeiro by road. (B)  



Paraty is considered one of Brazil's most beautiful and historic port cities. Gold and precious stones were transhipped from here to Europe in Colonial times.  

3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro-Paraty

This morning you will travel south by coach along the Brazilian Riviera to the charming colonial town of Paraty. On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. The afternoon is free to explore this cobble stoned colonial treasure chest, which has been set aside by the Brazilian National Trust as one of Brazil's heritage cities.  

Day 2: Paraty

Full day cruise to the neighbouring islands for a different relaxing view. (B)  

Day 3: Paraty-Rio de Janeiro

Morning at leisure prior to returning to Rio de Janeiro by road. (B)  



3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Belo Horizonte

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel.  

Day 2: Ouro Preto

Your full day tour starts with a two hour drive to Ouro Preto, the most important historical centre in Brazil. Declared a national monument in 1933 its style has been preserved since the 1700s, and its churches, bridges, palaces and museums reflect the immense wealth of the gold rush period between 1669 and 1725. It was the birthplace of Antonio Francisco Lisboa, the little crippled architect whose works of sculpture are the finest in Brazil. Here you will visit the Church of Sao Francisco de Assis, the Museum and School of Mines and other important places prior to returning to Belo Horizonte. (B,L)  

Day 3: Belo Horizonte

Transfer for onward travel. (B)  



3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Salvador

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Remainder of the day is ree to explore this enchanting city of Salvador, founded by the Portuguese in 1549.  

Day 2: Salvador

Today's tour of historical Salvador (capital of Bahia State), the first city founded in Brazil and the birthplace of the Samba, will show you the city's fascinating blend of Indian, Portuguese and African cultures. Afternoon at leisure. (B)  

Day 3: Salvador

Transfer for onward travel.  



2 days / 1 night  

Day 1: Brasilia

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. This afternoon your tour of this futuristic city includes the Palacio da Alvorada (President's residence), Congress Buildings, Cathedral, residential and commercial areas.  

Day 2: Brasilia

Transfer for onward travel. (B)  



3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Recife

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel.  

Day 2: Recife

This morning your tour of Recife (the Brazilian Venice, because of its many canals) will include all the major points of interest and the nearby historic city of Navalinda, now protected by UNESCO. Afternoon at leisure. (B)  

Day 3: Recife

Transfer for onward travel. (B)  



Manaus is unexpected, unusual and unforgettable. Situated some 1925 kms from the Atlantic, on the junction of the Rio Negro and the Amazon, Manaus was the most important city on the Amazon when it exploded with the rubber boom some 60 years ago. Vast fortunes were made and spent in this slightly eccentric city. From its opulent Opera House and mansions, to its museums and markets, Manaus will fascinate you.  

3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Manaus

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel.  

Day 2: Manaus

Full day excursion by boat to see the "Meeting of the Waters". This six hour cruise includes a briefing on the Amazon, and a visit by dugout canoe to the heart of the jungle, where you will see the famous "Victoria Regias" (Amazonian water lilies), and if lucky, a pink Amazonian dolphin, prior to returning to Manaus. (B,L)  

Day 3: Manaus

Transfer for onward travel. (B)  



The Amazon Village is located 100 kms from Manaus on the banks of one of the numerous tributaries of the Amazon. You will find functionally designed wooden bungalows overlooking the jungle where two rooms share private facilities, with a central reception, dining and leisure area.  

3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Manaus - Amazon Village

Early morning transfer to the docks for your river boat trip to the Amazon Village. Afternoon tour of the area. Evening caiman spotting. (D)  

Day 2: Amazon Village

After breakfast take a trip through the awesome jungle to observe an enormous variety of birds, mammals and luxurious foliage. Afternoon fishing excursion by canoe to the small nearby lakes and streams. (B,L,D)  

Day 3: Amazon Village - Manaus

Early morning sunrise followed by breakfast. Morning at leisure in the village prior to returning to Manaus and your hotel or airport. (B,L)  



3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Manaus-Ariau

On arrival you will be met and transferred to the port where a river boat will take you to your lodge. The Ariau Jungle Tower is located in an ecological area in the middle of the jungle about 56km from Manaus on the Rio Negro and Ariau Creek. Close by are the Anavilhanas Islands, joining the world's largest river archipelago. Constructed with regional hardwood in rustic architecture, and built on stilts, the hotel is comfortable and includes a bar, restaurant, lobby and wooden bridges for strolling. (L,D)  

Day 2: Ariau 

After breakfast, enjoy a jungle trek. In the afternoon travel by motorized canoe for a reconnaissance tour and some piranha fishing. After dinner, caiman spotting. (B,L,D)  

Day 3: Ariau-Manaus

Early morning sunrise tour before breakfast. Morning at leisure for optional activities. Afternoon return to Manaus and visit the Opera House, prior to transfer for onward travel. (B,L)  



The Pantanal is one of the last virgin areas on the face of this earth. A huge low land plain, the Pantanal is entirely overgrown by luxurious vegetation dotted by thousands of rainbow coloured flowers which bloom during the rainy season (January to June). It shelters innumerable rivers and crystal clear lakes. Along their shores are rare species of animals such as jaguar, peccaries, bob-cats, wild boars, not to mention flocks of ducks, grey teals, pigeons, partridge and herons, who live in total undisturbed freedom protected by the laws which govern this National Park. The greater Pantanal covers an area of roughly 240,000sq kms and borders on Bolivia and Paraguay. Although the literal meaning of the word Pantanal is marshland, this interpretation is misleading in as much as only 2% of the surface is perennially submerged, although most of its plain's lands are flooded every year. The cycle of waters is the Pantanal's secret to its extraordinary wildlife and enchantment. The wet (flood) season fills the river beds, forming great lagoons and thereby unleashing a flurry of life among microorganisms, fish, birds, reptiles and mammals. It is the yearly rebirth of a fantastic ecosystem.  




4 days / 3 nights  

Day 1: Cuiaba

Upon arrival at Cuiaba, you will be met and transferred to your hotel, Cabanas de Pantanal, located at the edge of the Cuiaba River and approximately two hours by bus then 30 minutes by boat away. (D)  

Day 2: Cuiaba

After breakfast take a boat excursion to see the great variety of birds and the incomparable natural scenery. Afternoon at leisure. Evening canoe ride to spot caiman. (B,L,D)  

Day 3: Cuiaba

Morning at leisure with an afternoon excursion by boat to explore the surrounding areas with the opportunity to observe more wildlife prior to returning to camp. (B,L,D)  

Day 4: Cuiaba 

Early morning transfer for onward travel. (B)  



4 days / 3 nights (Wed-Sat)


5 days / 4 nights (Sat-Wed)  

The Pousada Caiman is one of the Pantanal's greater cattle ranches, with its 35,000 hectares of often submerged low lands and forests along the Aquidauana River. It is the perfect representative of the exuberance of the Mato Grosso do Sul Pantanal, a true ecological adventure with countless species of animals, including innumerable kinds of birds, allowing a thorough insight into this wildlife sanctuary and its environment. The old ranch has been entirely remodelled, now featuring ten comfortable air- conditioned rooms and a complete hotel infrastructure for the visitor including swimming pool, conference room for environmental education, telephone, etc. You can enjoy the added attraction of staying at an authentic Pantanal farm, thus participating in its day to day life. The Pousada Caiman also offers several other activities which enable the tourist to watch the Pantanal's flora and fauna by taking any of the following options:  

  1. Trekking around the lodge to observe animals and vegetation. At night you can observe caiman and other animals. 
  2. Horse riding enables you to enter deeper into the farm and have a better knowledge of the Pantanal. It is common to see cattle and wild animals living together in perfect harmony. 
  3. Riding in open cars to more distant places where a bigger variety of animals, and sometimes thousands of birds, can be observed. Here one can also notice the peculiarities and contrasts of the vegetation in this region. 
  4. Boat ride to the Aquidauana River for vegetation and bird watching. 
  5. Canoe rides on the bay near the lodge, where you can observe all the natural beauty of the area, including animals and birds, in quiet tranquillity. 
  6. Lectures, slides and video projections. 

A specific program for your stay is given on arrival at the lodge. Two excursions are planned each day (weather variations determine which excursions can be done in each season). All meals are included as well as transfers by minibus between Campo Grande and Pousada Caiman.  



3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Cuiaba - Pantanal

Reception at Cuiaba Airport. After a briefing depart via Pocone and continue along dirt roads and the Trans Pantaneira to your jungle lodge. Time for bird and wildlife spotting enroute. (D)  

Day 2: Pantanal

This morning continue bird watching on your photographic safari tour. Enjoy lunch at a regional lodge. Afternoon canoe tour to spot aquatic life birds, flora and the possibility of piranha fishing. Overnight at a typical piranha Pantanal farm. (B,L,D)  

Day 3: Pantanal - Chapada dos Gumaraes Tablelands

Hike through a Pantanal sunrise early this morning. After breakfast, jeep or canoe tour for further wildlife watching prior to returning to your lodge for lunch then departure to the Chapada dos Guimaraes Tableland. Overnight at the Tableland Inn. (B,L,D)  

Day 4: Chapada dos Gumaraes - Cuiaba

After breakfast you will have an ecosystem discovery tour to observe typical tableland flora, spotting birds and wildlife. A visit to the Gumaraes Tablelands's main site: Portao do Inferno, the 60 meters Veiu de Noiva Waterfalls and Salgadeiras. Afternoon return to Cuiaba for onward travel. (B,L)  



2 days / 1 night  

Day 1: Iguassu Falls

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Afternoon at leisure to take a walking tour of the Falls in front of your hotel, which is located right at the Falls and allows you direct access to the walkways and helicopter rides.  

Day 2: Iguassu Falls 

Transfer for onward travel. (B)