Since the beginning of time some say the Sun God has made Mexico his home. Some claim this attraction to be more recent, as exemplified by the worship of the ancient Toltecs, or the glory of the Mayan Temples or the sheer energy of the Aztec empire. Others credit Mexico's special relationship with the sun to chance: the perfect blend of location, topography and climate. But everyone agrees that the sun enjoys a very special relationship with Mexico and her people.   
Sunshine is reflected in the smiling faces and friendly warmth that make the Mexican disposition a national treasure. It is no wonder the Sun God chose to come here: Mexicans welcome visitors with genuine hospitality unmatched anywhere else in the world. So come and discover for yourself some of the unique atmosphere of Mexico and its colonial cities. Built during the Spanish rule, these have been shaped by two major influences: pre-Hispanic cultures and the Spanish culture of the 16th to the 18th centuries. 



4 days / 3 nights 

Day 1: Mexico City

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. 

Day 2: Mexico City

Sightseeing tour of this ancient capital of the Aztecs. Visit Chapultepec Park, the National Palace, the Cathedral and drive along the famous Reforma Boulevarde. 

Day 3: Mexico City

A fantastic morning will be spent visiting the fabled Shrine of Guadalupe, the Plaza of the Three Cultures, followed by the fabulous Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. 
  • Day 4: Mexico City 
  • Transfer for onward travel. 


    4 days / 3 nights 

    Day 1: Mexico-Taxco

    Morning transfer to the city of eternal spring, Cuernavaca. Visit the most ancient Cathedral in Mexico, then continue to Taxco, the silver capital of Mexico. Visit the famous Church of Santa Prisca and the silversmith shops. 

    Day 2: Taxco-Acapulco

    Morning departure to Acapulco winding down through spectacular mountain scenery to this fabled beach resort. 

    Day 3: Acapulco

    Full day to explore this magnificent coast resort, with the possibility of watching the famous cliff divers. 

    Day 4: 

    Departure transfer for onward travel. 



    (Suns, Mons & Tues)

    Day 1: Mexico City-Morelia

    Morning transfer by coach to Morelia, with an en-route visit to the Cosmos stained glass factory in Poluca. Afternoon tour of this beautiful city. 

    Day 2: Morelia-Guadalajara

    Depart to Patzcuaro and visit the beautiful island of Janitzio with its fisherman and their unique butterfly nets, prior to continuing on to Guadalajara. 

    Day 3: Guadalajara

    Full day tour of the city including the Cathedral, the Degollado Theatre and the Tlaquepaque handicrafts centre. 

    Day 4: Guadalajara-Guanajuato

    Interesting day's drive to this picturesque colonial town with its cobblestone streets. 

    Day 5: Guanajuato

    The tour today begins with the Juarez Theatre, the Churches of la Cata and of la Valenciana, the University and colonial streets. Guanajuato is also known for its old silver mines. 

    Day 6: Guanajuato-San Miguel De Allende-Queretaro-Mexico City 

    Full day visiting another architectural colonial jewel steeped in Mexican history, San Miguel De Allende with its magnificent Institute of Fine Arts and Handicrafts.Continue on to Queretaro, another beautiful colonial gem, before arriving in Mexico City. 

    Day 7:

    Transfer for onward travel. 



    5 days / 4 nights 

    Day 1: Los Mochis

    On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. 

    Day 2: Los Mochis-Divisadero

    This morning board the train to the spectacular Copper Canyon. With its deep gorges and breathtaking scenery, it is one of the world's most spectacular sights. The train winds along the rim of an awesome chasm, over swift rivers and through majestic passes. 

    Day 3: Divisadero-Creel

    Morning is free to enjoy spectacular beauty and stroll the canyon rim, prior to rejoining the train through to Creel. 

    Day 4: Creel-Chihuahua

    This morning visit a once inhabited cave, gaze in awe at the Cusarare Waterfalls and visit the small mision of Cusarare, prior to rejoining the train and continuing on to Chihuahua. 

    Day 5:

    Transfer for onward travel. 



    Day 1: Mexico City-Oaxaca

    Travel to Oaxaca today. 

    Day 2: Oaxaca

    This morning you have a tour to the ancient Zapotec Ceremonial Centre of Monte Alban which flourished between the 3rd & 10th centuries A.D. The numerous pyramids and sanctuaries have yielded great quantities of vases, furniture and gold which is now housed in Oaxaca State Museum. The afternoon is free to continue your exploration of Oaxaca with its Zapotec Mixtec Indians in their colourful regional costumes. 

    Day 3: Oaxaca-Villahermosa

    Morning tour to Mitla an important Zapotec and Mixtec Ceremonial Centre, prior to returning to the airport for your flight to Villahermosa. On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. 

    Day 4: Villahermosa-Merida

    This morning you are taken by coach through the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains to the ancient city of Palenque, an amazing sight. After a short walk through the jungle, a view of the ancient palaces, pyramids and hilltop temples appears - without doubt the most spectacular archaeological site in Mexico. Return to the airport for your flight to Merida. On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Merida is known as the White city because of its beautiful white painted Spanish and Moorish architecture. 

    Day 5: Merida

    This morning we visit Uxmal, a totally different Mayan site, located south of Merida. The buildings are awe-inspiring: enjoy the beautiful Governor's Palace, Magical Pyramid, Nunnery Quadrangle, Temple of the Turtles. 

    Day 6: Merida

    Today you visit Chichen Itza, located east of Merida. The Mayans inhabited parts of the Yucatan Peninsula around 900AD and your tour of Chichen Itza shows you the many excellent restored ancient monuments, including the steeply sided El Castillo and the Sacred Well of Sacrifice where children were sacrificed to the Mayan Rain God. Day 7: Merida 

    Transfer for onward travel. 



    NOTE: Day 6: As above with overnight at Cancun.

    For further information on Mexico and its well known beaches, we would be happy to quote independently on Cancun, Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarte, Cozumel and other beach resorts. Please contact Destination Holidays. 



    This morning you will see the thrilling performance of the Folkloric Ballet at the Palace of the Fine Arts and then on to visit the Xochimilco Floating Gardens, once the private refuge of the Axtec Emperors and Royal Families. You will embark in flower bedecked boats for a ride through the canals of the "Floating Gardens" with serenading mariachis drift alongside your craft - a kaleidoscope of colour and music.