The thinnest link between Central and South America, Panama became the centre of Spanish exploration and expansion at the beginning of the 16th century, after its discovery in 1501. Panama is rich in history and man-made achievements, from its pre-Colombian history to some of its modern man-made engineering features, such as the Panama Canal, whose daring will take your breath away. Major Indian tribes are the Guaymies, Cunas and Chocoe Indians, related to the Mayans in the north and the Chibchas of Colombia. Some of the noted explorers and conquistadors to have passed through the area are the Spaniards Bilboa and Francisco Pizarro, the Englishman Sir Frances Drake and the Frenchman Ferdinand de Lesseps. 




3 days / 2 nights  

Day 1: Panama

On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel.  

Day 2: Panama

Half day tour of Panama City visiting the outstanding places in old and new Panama City, continuing onto the famous Miraflores Locks to see how the Panama Canal is operated.  

Day 3: Panama

  • Transfer for onward travel. 


    3 days / 2 night  

    Day 1: Panama-Contadora

    Transfer to local airport for your flight to Contadora Beach, located in the Perla Islands, approximately 20 minutes away.  

    Day 2: Contadora

    Explore the island with its numerous coves and secluded beaches, or perhaps have a few sets of tennis, try your luck at the 9 hole golf course or take a charter fishing boat trip.  

    Day 3: Contadora-Panama

    Return transfer to the airport for your flight to Panama and onward travel.  



    3 days / 2 nights  

    Day 1: Panama-Taboga

    Morning transfer to the dock for your launch transfer to Taboga, the "Island of Flowers". Enjoy a variety of flowers that seem to be in bloom all year round. This charming laid back community boasts colourful history dating back to the Spanish Main. It was settled just two years after Bilboa discovered the Pacific and it was from Taboga that Pizarro set out on his conquest of Peru. Pirates made it a stronghold from which to prey on treasure laden traffic from Panama. It houses the second oldest church in the western hemisphere, and the serenity of the island is seldom broken. (L,D)  

    Day 2: Taboga

    Day at leisure to bask in the tropical sun and explore the wonders of the island. (B,L,D)  

    Day 3: Taboga-Panama

    Return launch from Taboga to Panama City and onward transfer. (B)