All About Commercial Electrician Jobs

A commercial electrician is a licensed and trained electrician who works exclusively on electrical systems and wiring in commercial buildings instead of residential buildings. Commercial electricians perform inspections, tests, make repairs, installations and rewiring electrical equipment in a commercial building. Commercial electricians must be licensed by the appropriate government agency to work in that particular state. Commercial electricians are also required to undergo continuing education and safety training every two years. The work can sometimes be dangerous, with high risk of injury, fires and electrical shock from tools and machinery.

There are two types of commercial electricians – those who do just the general contracting work and those who are doing only specific contracting jobs. General contracting work includes repairing furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, heating and cooling systems, etc. Some of the specific tasks done by a commercial electrician include installing wiring and new electrical systems. Some electrical systems may only need simple wiring while others may require complete overhauling of the electrical system. The type of work a commercial electrician does will depend on what the business requires.

It is important to ensure that commercial electricians are safe. They should be able to work in all types of weather and all types of building materials. This would include steel, copper, and other metallic materials. Residential electricians usually only work with copper wires and wood wiring, although they may work in other building materials. Their work environment is more likely to be less risky because they are more often than not attached to the building that they service.

However, working as a commercial electrician does come with some risks. An electrician becomes this type of worker when he has already completed several courses in the electrical business. Usually, students complete the training program for one year and take a test that proves them ready for the trade. Students who successfully pass this exam then go on to pursue a career as a commercial electrician.

Even though a commercial electrician’s career will often take place in large buildings, he or she can actually work in residential areas as well. This means an electrician can be found installing wiring in homes as well as in businesses. Electricians who work for residential customers need to be very knowledgeable about the wiring within their homes and will often have to deal with home safety issues. Home electrical jobs require the electrician to know a lot about wiring, electricity, and home safety.

If you are considering taking up a job as an electrician in any of the commercial properties around your city, it is important to learn about the responsibilities of the job before making a decision. Commercial electricians must have a detailed knowledge of all aspects of the electrical system. They also should have excellent communication skills and be able to work well with people. Commercial electricians must always be licensed and bonded. You can generally learn all of this information by contacting your local licensing board.

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