Caravan Satellite TV – What You Need to Know Before Installing

“Can I set up mycaravan Satellite TV?” That is a question many caravan owners get asked on a regular basis. “Yes you can.” I have learned that you can use your car as a television in some ways. This article will discuss the positive feedback I have heard from other caravan travellers about the different satellite TV solutions available.

Additionally, is there a satellite dish mounted on your caravan nowadays even better option than the old fashioned satellite tv systems? The answer is yes, and you can find out more at my dedicated site, which you are welcome to join. The advantage of a satellite tv system in the caravan is that it offers a lot more freedom of movement for you and your family. You can watch TV wherever you happen to be!

One solution that has become popular with caravan owners is to add a satellite tv system to an already existing caravan. This is usually done with a DVB-S PCI slot that allows you to plug in an analog TV input or video monitor that is connected directly to your computer. In my opinion, this is the easiest solution because it requires no modification to your caravan. Many companies sell kits for putting in a satellite tv dish so you don’t even have to hire a professional to do it for you!

With the option of adding a satellite tv system to an existing caravan, comes a new problem, and that is poor quality television reception. The reason you may experience poor reception with a caravan satellite tv system is because there is nothing to push back or receive the signal from. This means the satellite dish and receiver will need to be positioned in the direct line of sight of the satellite for excellent reception.

However, many of the modern caravan owners don’t have the luxury of having a TV/DVD player or video monitor attached to their vansat to begin with. As a result, these folks end up having to place a bulky portable television antenna on their windows (which is kind of blocking the view of the satellite! ).

So, what can you do if you want better quality television reception with your caravan tv system but don’t have the vast for it? You can upgrade to a larger size satellite dish that is aimed at the back of your pants. There are some nice high end units that can be mounted on brackets to securely hang from your vassal’s roof beams. The great thing about these dishes is that they are much smaller than traditional dishes which also saves space. And, since they are aimed at the back, you won’t have to deal with blocking areas of ground that would otherwise interfere with
your receiving unit.

However, my recommendation is to avoid the motorhome and trailer installations of the super small dishes. Why? Well, while they may work fine, they won’t receive the full signal power needed to actually deliver a crisp clear picture. In addition, these dishes typically only offer adata network connection. Meaning, if you want to use your caravan as a home theater system instead of a portable TV/DVD player you will need separate small satellite dishes for that purpose.

The two most popular dishes for installing in a caravan are the Sky dome dish and the bullet dome dishes. For our purposes, the bullet dome dishes are by far the best choice because they produce a wider and more complete signal that should give you a clear picture at optimal viewing distances. Just make sure that the mounting points for the satellite tv systems are clear of obstructions. Another option is to use a combination mount. However, if you are planning on doing any sort of remodeling to your caravan or purchasing another van, we highly suggest that you stick with the bullet dome type of television antennas for your vast system