Choosing Granite Tiles For Exotic Exteriors And Interiors

Granite tile floorings can significantly impact the interior of any home. Granite tiles give good exterior and interior finishes and can enhance the appearance of your home. The three types of finishes available for granite include polished, honed and flamed. Granite may also differ in terms of pattern, size, shape and colour. You may also opt for buying stack stone in order to give a unique appearance to any given space. Few factors which may be considered while buying granite include:


Granite tiles are extremely durable and strong which make them perfect for roof tiles, you can visit Singh Tiles for more info on how to get them installed on your roof today, visit their contact page for more info. However, just like other types of stones including stack stone, granite may differ in terms of quality. While choosing granite tiles for decorating the exterior and interior of your house, it is hence important to pay attention to the quality. Certain manufacturers who aim at earning higher profits may supply inferior quality granite tiles. Reliable granite wholesalers Melbourne offer good quality granite tiles which are temperature resistant and scraped. Such wholesalers may be chosen for buying good quality granite.

While evaluating the quality of stack stone or granite, it is also advisable to look for cracks and fissures. Small fissures may transform into bigger ones with the passage of time. The warranty information is also an important aspect which may be considered while buying from granite wholesalers Melbourne. The warranty offered by the manufacturer is a reflection of the confidence of the manufacturer in the products offered.

Colour and design

Most people nowadays prefer to decorate their homes in an innovative and exotic way. There is a wide range of stylish and modern granite tiles and stack stone which may be chosen for making the interiors of a property appealing. Granite tiles are available in a range of shades including red, blue, pink, brown and many more. They may be chosen for a unique look. While buying these stones from granite wholesalers Melbourne, it is also advisable to consider the texture. The texture of these tiles can have a major impact on the overall look.

Price and size

When compared with other stones, granite tiles prove to be expensive. However the elegance and durability of the stack stone, justifies its price, that’s why quite a people prefer it for their home roof tiles when they go for roof restoration services by Singh Tiles. Considering the high price of the stone, it is recommended to seek advice from granite wholesalers Melbourne regarding the quantity of tiles required for a specific area. This can help in avoiding wasteful expenditure. The size of the granite tiles also forms an important consideration. Most designers prefer square shaped granite tiles of a smaller size. They also recommend buying even granite which is of the minimum thickness.

Choosing the suppliers

While buying granite tiles and stack stone, selecting the right source is very important. Companies which supply quality products at an affordable rate may be preferred. Granite wholesalers Melbourne generally offer these tiles at factory prices and usually have a wide range of stack stone and granite to choose from. Such wholesalers may be given preference as stones can be purchased from them at a low cost. Few other factors which may be considered while choosing granite tiles suppliers include:

  • The shipping facilities offered by the supplier.
  • The terms of cancellation of orders.
  • The mode of payments accepted by the company.
  • The reputation and experience of the company.
  • Reviews and client testimonials about the company.

Granite tiles are popularly used in floorings and for making countertops. Since the tiles are expensive, it is advisable to buy them from reputed suppliers.

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