Why is a Property Inspection So Important?

A Property Inspection Melbourne is a detailed examination of a proposed property by an independent professional body. This service is generally undertaken by a structural engineer who specialises in the identification and assessment of structural defects. The purpose of a Property Inspection Melbourne (PIM) is to identify and report on problems with a structure prior to it going on the market for resale. A Property Inspection Melbourne typically takes longer than other standard inspections, and is generally undertaken after a building contract has been signed.

Typical property inspections Melbourne include a visit to the roof, basement, interior walls, exterior walls, siding and visible brickwork. Inspectors are not allowed to touch or test anything under or around the home, such as doors, windows, walls, ceilings and flooring. They are also not allowed to perform any invasive testing or invasive works like CCTV / video surveillance. They cannot make you feel guilty for requesting a building report, or an inventory of what’s in your house.

During a property inspection Melbourne inspectors will identify and report on all defects present. This includes; floor defects, ceiling height, roof condition, wall treatment, electrical wiring and insulation, foundation, plumbing, gas and climate conditions, among others. It may be required that they also assess the source of the defect and see if that could have been prevented. They are responsible to suggest solutions to solve these problems. If defects are found within the original building survey, then the report will be classified as deferred maintenance.

Property inspectors are not allowed to give warranty guarantees for resale value of any type, such as resale value guarantee, building loan guarantee, or resale potential. Property Inspectors Melbourne is not permitted to make any changes to the original Building Regulations except by prior written consent of the Board of Valuers, Surveyor-General, Underwriter and Inspector. So as you can see, it is a buyer’s market out there in Australia. Buyers need to do their homework when it comes to pre-purchase inspections Melbourne. A lot of times buyers skip the process and end up having to spend hundreds and even thousands more repairing damages themselves.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s get back to why a property inspection is so important and necessary. The main reason behind a property inspection is to prevent serious structural defects that would cause major failures and cost property owners a lot of money. Property Inspections Melbourne is the backbone of all legitimate home inspection processes. Without the proper Victoria Property Inspection there can be no safety standards, and as a result the cost of home repair and remodeling would increase tremendously.

So as you can see not only is a property inspection necessary it is extremely beneficial to both new home and existing home owners. Not only will property inspections help avoid costly repairs but they can also help save a lot of money for home owners. This is because a professional home inspector who is thorough can help identify dangerous defects and problems that would otherwise end up as costly repairs. If you haven’t done your property inspections Melbourne before then now is the time to do so.

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